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Examen 12-13


Question 1:

Which mode is entered if a valid startup-configuration file is not found after the IOS image is loaded?

A.      Setup

B.      Static

C.      Dynamic

D.      Automatic


Question 2:

Which type of route is used when no other routes are known to the destination?

A.      Static

B.      Default

C.      Dynamic

D.      Next available


Question 3:

Which routes are automatically determined by the routers?

A.      Static routes

B.      Default routes

C.      Dynamic routes

D.      Gateway routes


Question 4:

What is used to measure the trustworthiness of a route?

A.      Reliability index

B.      Number of hops

C.      Administrative distance

D.      Available bandwidth


Question 5:

What type of route is configured with the command:

ip route

A.      Static

B.      Default

C.      Dynamic

D.      Gateway


Question 6:

If a new LAN is added to an internetwork, which command would add the network to the routing table?

A.      Router (config)> ip route via

B.      Router (config)# ip route

C.      Router (config)# ip route via

D.      Router (config)# ip route using


Question 7:

What is the purpose of the ip default-network command?

A.      It is used to establish a default route

B.      It is used to save time when setting up the routing table

C.      It is used to save bandwidth when sending large datagrams

D.      It is used to keep routing table short and organized


Question 8:

Which type of system occurs when routers are grouped under a common administration?

A.      Default

B.      Autonomous

C.      Static

D.      Dynamic


Question 9:

What is the purpose of exterior routing protocols?

A.      To transmit between nodes on a network

B.      To deliver information within a single autonomous system

C.      To communicate between autonomous systems

D.      To set up a compatibility infrastructure between networks


Question 10:

How often are RIP updates broadcast?

A.      Every 15 seconds

B.      Every 30 seconds

C.      Every 60 seconds

D.      Every 90 seconds


Question 11:

Which metric is used in RIP?

A.      Bandwidth

B.      Delay

C.      Hop count

D.      Traffic load


Question 12:

Which task is configured globally?

A.      Addressing IP network numbers by specifying subnet values

B.      Selecting a routing protocol like RIP or IGRP

C.      Assigning network/subnet addresses and the appropriate subnet mask

D.      Setting up a routing metric to find the best path to each network


Question 13:

Which command structure would display information about the protocols RIP and IGRP on a router?

A.      Router>show router protocol

B.      Router(config)#show ip protocol

C.      Router(config)#show router protocol

D.      Router>show ip protocol


Question 14:

Which command should identify destination network addresses and next hop pairs?

A.      Router(config)# show ip protocol

B.      Router# show ip table

C.      Router> show ip route

D.      Router(config-router)# show ip table


Question 15:

Which variable is used by IGRP?

A.      Bandwidth

B.      File size

C.      Hop length

D.      Time span


Question 16:

What is the interval of IGRP routing updates?

A.      30 seconds

B.      60 seconds

C.      90 seconds

D.      120 seconds


Question 17:

Which command specifies the directly connected networks after an IP routing protocol has been enabled?

A.      Router(config-if)> network network number

B.      Router(config)# network network number

C.      Router(config-router)# network network number

D.      Router(config-router)# network ip address subnet mask


Question 18:

After using the router igrp command, why is it necessary to use the network subcommand?

A.      It displays the contents of the network routing table

B.      It allows each router to send its routing table in routing updates to all the networks

C.      It displays the status and global parameters associated with a network

D.      It specifies any directly connected networks to be included in routing table updates


Question 19:

Which command should display RIP routing updates as they are sent and received?

A.      Router# show ip rip

B.      Router# debug ip protocols

C.      Router# debug ip rip

D.      Router# show ip rip update


Question 20:

At which Layer of the OSI model would you classify the loss of network connectivity due to a loose patch cable?

A.      Layer 7

B.      Layer 5

C.      Layer 3

D.      Layer 1


Question 21:

At which OSI Layer would an incorrect encapsulation type on a serial interface be classified?

A.      Layer 4

B.      Layer 3

C.      Layer 2

D.      Layer 1


Question 22:

At which OSI Layer would an incorrect subnet mask on an interface be classified?

A.      Layer 4

B.      Layer 3

C.      Layer 2

D.      Layer 1