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Question 1:

Which external configuration source is used with a modem?

A.       TFTP Server

B.       Auxiliary Port

C.       Console Terminal

D.       Virtual Terminal


Question 2:

Which port is used to initially configure a router?

A.       Auxiliary

B.       Console

C.       Serial

D.       BRI


Question 3:

Which router component is responsible for the power-on bootstrap sequence?

A.       RAM

B.       ROM

C.       Flash

D.       NVRAM


Question 4:

Which router component provides working memory for configuration files and routing tables?

A.       RAM

B.        ROM

C.       Flash

D.       NVRAM


Question 5:

Which router component stores configuration files even when power is off?

A.       RAM

B.        ROM

C.       Flash

D.       NVRAM


Question 6:

What is stored in working RAM and is constantly updated when the router is working properly?

A.       IOS

B.        Command Executive

C.       Routing Table

D.       Active Configuration File


Question 7:

What is the first thing the router does when power is turned on?

A.       Copies the IOS into RAM

B.       Executes a bootstrap program

C.       Configures the interfaces for IP routing

D.       Loads the Startup-Configurations file into RAM


Question 8:

When is the configuration file loaded into RAM?

A.       Each time the router is initialized

B.        Each time the routing tables are updated

C.       Each time the command copy run start is issued

D.       Each time the router is place in the priviliged EXEC mode


Question 9:

Someone got into a router configuration file and changed the password to access privileged mode. Which mode on the router enables you to recover passwords?

A.       SETUP

B.       RXBOOT

C.       Privileged EXEC

D.       Global configuration


Question 10:

What is the correct command to go from the user EXEC mode to the privileged EXEC mode?

A.        login

B.        enable

C.       interface type number

D.       configure terminal


Question 11:

What is the router prompt for the interface configuration mode?

A.       Router(config)#

B.        Router(config-if)#

C.       Router(config-line)#

D.       Router(config-router)#


Question 12:

Which Cisco IOS command shows the configuration file stored in NVRAM?

A.       show version

B.        show running-config

C.       show startup-config

D.       show interfaces


Question 13:

Which Cisco IOS command shows the amount of NVRAM memory used for the backup configuration file?

A.       show mem

B.        show flash

C.       show running-config

D.       show startup-config


Question 14:

Which command will indicate the status of IP, IPX, and AppleTalk?

A.       show version

B.        show interfaces

C.       show startup-config

D.       show protocols


Question 15:

Which command displays information about the current Cisco IOS software version running on a router?

A.       show stacks

B.       show version

C.       show interface

D.       show startup-config


Question 16:

In which OSI Layer does the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) operate?

A.       Layer 1

B.       Layer 2

C.       Layer 3

D.       Layer 4


Question 17:

Which protocol is used to show summary configuration information about a directly connected Cisco router?

A.      Network Control Protocol

B.      Cisco Discovery Protocol

C.      Address Resolution Protocol

D.     Transmission Control Protocol


Question 18:

What is the function of the CDP show command?

A.       It displays information about any CDP-enabled router on the network

B.        It displays information on a console connected to any node in the network

C.       It helps evaluate delays over network paths and path-to-host reliability

D.       It identifies neighboring routers' host names and IP addresses


Question 19:

How many Telnet sessions can a Cisco router have simultaneously?

A.       10

B.        7

C.       5

D.       1


Question 20:

Which Cisco IOS command is used to show current telnet connections?

A.       show telnet

B.        show history

C.       show version

D.       show sessions


Question 21:

Which Cisco IOS command displays routing table entries?

A.       ping

B.        trace

C.       show ip route

D.       show interface


Question 22:

Which response to the appropriate show command indicates an operational serial link?

A.       Serial1 is up, line protocol is up

B.        Serial1 is up, line protocol is down

C.       Serial1 is down, line protocol is down

D.       Serial1 is administratively down, line protocol is down


Question 23:

Which command shows the status of Ethernet, Serial, BRI, and other ports?

A.       show version

B.       show interfaces

C.       show running-config

D.       show startup-config


Question 24:

The show interface serial Cisco IOS router command can display which one of the following lines of information?

A.       DecNET routing is enabled.

B.        System image file is c4500-j-mz.

C.       Serial1 is up, line protocol is up.

D.       IOS (tm) 4500 Software (C4500-J-M), Experimental Version.